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Schools will get new digital learning materials

5. October 2018 - 12:15

From now on, all basic school students are able to use free digital learning materials that make school bags lighter and learning more exciting.

“A new era in the Estonian education sector begins today. New digital learning materials provide innovative solutions for learning and teaching across all Estonian schools,” said the Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps. “Digital materials make school bags lighter as children no longer need to carry all printed books,” noted the Minister.

“Dear parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles – this is your chance to take on exciting journey to learning,” invited Minister Reps to take a look on new learning materials. For a week, there is a possibility for anyone to use digital learning materials for free.

The new digital materials are available free of charge to students of all basic schools regardless of whether the language of instruction used is Estonian or Russian. The digital materials allow learning anywhere and anytime - one only needs a smart device and Internet connection.

Instead of being mere static learning tools, digital materials combine a textbook, a workbook and an exercise book to create an environment where students can acquire new knowledge, solve tasks and take notes. Also, you can view learning materials designed for lower or higher grades as necessary.

Digital learning tools are available here (In Estonian). For detailed information and access to the learning materials of your children please contact the school.

Free digital materials help develop the students’ digital skills and competencies which are key factor of success in modern society. Digital materials and other smart solutions are used to develop skills in students so that they would be able to tackle daily real-life challenges on their own.

Background information

  • The government has invested 1.4 million euros in free digital learning materials.
  • Digital learning materials are just one part of developing digital skills - schools have received or are about to receive thousands of computers and smart devices worth a total of 12 million euros to support the teaching of more complex digital skills like design, robotics or programming.
  • 5.5 million euros is granted to schools for setting up educational labs and providing practical education.
  • The development of digital schoolbooks for the upper secondary level is about to be completed too.
  • The development of digital skills is supported from the digital revolution programme which is one of the priority areas of the state budget. 13 million euros will be invested in upgrading the network connections of schools in coordination with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.



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