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The Government of Estonia: due to the risk of infection, schools will be moved to distance learning

13. March 2020 - 0:28

The Government of Estonia decided to close all educational institutions, except kindergartens, and will apply only digital learning solutions from Monday, 16 March due to the spread of the coronavirus in Estonia.  The situation will be reassessed every 14 days and, if necessary, a decision will be taken on the need to extend the distance learning period.

From Monday, 16 March, the buildings of all general education institutions, vocational education and training institutions, higher education institutions, youth centres and hobby schools shall be closed. On Friday, 13 March, teachers, together with students, will decide on further activities and tasks, and students will be able to take home all necessary learning tools and materials needed for distance learning.

Kindergartens will initially remain open, and, if necessary, the closure of kindergartens will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Nevertheless, all parents who are able to leave the children at home are encourage to do so. Schools for students with special educational needs will remain open. Their closure will be decided on a case-by-case basis in cooperation with schools and school managers.

The Ministry of Education and Research draws the attention to the fact that during the period of distance learning no hobby schools’ activities or sports trainings can take place. Students are encouraged to take a break from hobby schools activities and stay at home. Parents must ensure that children comply with the ban on non-domestic activities.

Municipalities and schools are encouraged to forward the information to all partners involved in the extracurricular activities of students.

The Ministry of Education and Research will provide further information regularly, including on instructional matters.

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