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Government eases restrictions on education: 13 counties resume learning in school, except Ida-Viru and Harju counties

7. January 2021 - 21:12

The Government approved to allow students in schools and continue in class learning in general, vocational and higher education institutions starting from 11th January in 13 counties: Hiiu, Jõgeva, Järva, Lääne, Lääne-Viru, Põlva, Pärnu, Rapla, Saare, Tartu, Valga, Viljandi and Võru. Grades 1 to 4, 9 and 12 are allowed in schools in Ida-Viru and Harju counties. The Government also specified restrictions on hobby and adult education, sports and youth activities implemented from 11th January onwards.

“I am glad that the majority of students can go to school. Of course, all necessary precaution measures must be taken into account,” said Jaak Aab, the Minister of Education and Research. “The Government’s decision will be signed tomorrow and the Ministry of Education and Research will inform all educational institutions.”

All educational institutions must follow the guidelines for safe learning and teaching by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Health Board. Transition back to distance learning will be applied by grade, school or area while taking into account local situation.

Hobby and adult education, sports and youth activities

Up to 10 people plus teacher or trainer are allowed in indoor activities starting from the 11th January. The attendance must be up to 50% of the capacity of a given venue or room. Up to 24 people plus teacher or trainer are allowed in outdoor activities. Rules of dispersion, face mask and disinfection must be followed.

Restrictions will be re-assessed again after two weeks.

Restrictions will continue in Ida-Viru and Harju counties

Previously set restrictions will continue until 17th January in Ida-Viru and Harju counties. From 11th to 17th January grades 1 – 4, 9 and 12 are allowed in schools, other grades and students in vocational and higher educational institutions shall learn from a distance. All indoor activities of adult and hobby education, sports and youth activities are not allowed. Groups up to 10 people are allowed outdoors.

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