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Estonians bring home three Medallions of Excellence from the WorldSkills 2019

28. August 2019 - 20:18
Minister Mailis Reps and Estonian delegation at WorldSkills 2019

Estonians has got three Medallions of Excellence at the vocational skills competition WorldSkills 2019, that took place this and last week in Kazan, Russia. Estonia’s representatives got Medallions of Excellence in cooking, restaurant service and graphic design technology. Jaagup Susi, Estonian representative in graphic design technology, has got the Best of Nation medal as well.

The WorldSkills 2019 took place from 22nd to 27th August in Kazan, Russia. The event was attended by almost 1400 participants from 63 countries. Estonia was represented by 13 participants, who competed in 12 skills.

Märten Kadu, Karl-Kevin Miinpuu and Jaagup Susi were awarded the Medallion of Excellence. The medallion is awarded to a person who received more than 700 points in the competition and the Best of Nation is awarded to a person who had the highest score in a given delegation.

Estonian participants were excellent at performing competition tasks and representing Estonia at the event, said Mart Laidmets, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia. „I am glad that our vocational education training students had an opportunity to participate at such high-level competition. They were great at demonstrating Estonia’s students’ skills and confirm that they indeed are on the top-level,“ said Laidmets. He also thanked and highlighted Estonia’s vocational education institutions for their effort in preparing students.

Estonia has been participating in WorldSkills since 2007. Next competition takes place in Shanghai in 2021.

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