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Estonian companies are providing digital education solutions to Ukrainian children free of charge

3. March 2022 - 16:45

At the meeting held yesterday in Tallinn, representatives of Estonian education technology (EdTech) companies assured Liina Kersna, the Minister of Education and Research, that they are ready to offer their educational solutions to Ukrainian schools and pupils whose education has been disrupted by the war.

Minister Liina Kersna said it is essential to support the families and children arriving in Estonia from Ukraine as a consequence of the war. “We must give families arriving here time to adapt as well as support their mental health. Thereafter we can slowly integrate children into the education system and offer them feasible and versatile support,” said the minister. “I am eternally grateful to our companies who have already started translating their digital learning platforms into Ukrainian – this helps us to rapidly support Ukrainian teachers and students who have arrived in Estonia and also those who are in Ukraine.”

EdTech solution Edumus offers additional electives to schools. The company launched their free solution in Ukraine last year. “Prior to the outbreak of the war, approximately 20 Edumus teachers taught a variety of electives in Ukrainian schools. We are establishing a ‘distance learning school’ in co-operation with displaced students and teachers in order to help Ukrainian students and teachers. This is the quickest way for us to get students back into their everyday learning routines and accomplish it in their mother tongue with familiar content,” said Edumus founder Maria Rahamägi.

At present, 17 Estonian EdTech companies have joined the education innovation community initiative who are prepared to make their solutions available free of charge to children and teachers who remained in Ukraine and also to those who were obliged to leave Ukraine.

ELIIS, the online information system for pre-school organisations; Edumus, a platform providing electives to schools; CoNurse, a training platform for medical professionals; Triumf Health, a game supporting mental health – all of these companies are providing their learning environment or service in Ukraine and have already translated their service into Ukrainian. Multikey provides Estonian language and culture courses to get better acquainted with Estonia.

The representative organisation of educational technology companies, MTÜ EdTech Estonia, includes 34 educational companies. Over 190 countries around the globe use Estonian EdTech solutions.

The ministry continues to support the development of Estonia’s educational technology business environment and community and the strengthening of partnerships between the public and private sector.

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