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Deputy Secretary General Sikk in Denmark: International cooperation is crucial for keeping education at the top level

24. November 2018 - 8:56

The biggest challenges in education are keeping education at the top level and adapting the challenges and expectations of the 21st century, the Estonian and Danish colleagues agreed during the visit to Copenhagen, Denmark this week.

Ivar Sikk, the Deputy Secretary General was confident that the meeting with Danish colleagues helps to enhance mutual cooperation and experience sharing. “Denmark is facing similar challenges as Estonia – we know that our education is one of the best in the world, but we must constantly seek for improvement and development,” said Sikk. “Our Danish colleagues have been conducting several reforms and implemented strategies over past few years. For example, adjusting vocational education better to the needs of labour market,” added Sikk.

The aim of the visit of the management of the Ministry of Education and Research was to get an insight to Danish expertise and experiences in implementation of long-term strategies in order to avoid obstacles the Danes encountered while conducting and implementing the Strategy for Education and Research 2021-2035 of Estonia.

The delegation met officials of the Ministry of Education of Denmark responsible for pre-primary and general education and discussed education possibilities after basic education. At the Ministry of Higher Education and Research digital solutions in education and teachers’ profession was discussed. In addition to that, the delegation visited school for students with special education needs and Vesterbro youth center.

In addition to the management of the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia the delegation consisted of the representatives of Estonian Language Institute, Estonian Centre for Youth Work, Foundation for Education Information Techology, Estonian Qualifications Authority and Foundation Innove.

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