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Yesterday, the Estonian and Finnish held a joint sitting where cooperation between countries on creation of physical as well digital connections were discussed, among other topics it was decided to strengthen cooperation on education and culture. The educational cooperation aims to increase the exchange of experiences and better usage of common strengths. In addition to those, both countries seek to introduce and develop their languages in Europe and enlarge opportunities for language studies.


Estonia supports the new multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027 of the European Union that proposes more money to support education, research and youth. The budgets of new Horizon Europe and Erasmus+ should be increased significantly according to the proposal of the European Commission.


Eesti toetab sel nädalal avaldatud Euroopa Komisjoni ettepanekut eralda Euroopa Liidu uuel eelarveperioodil 2021-2027 senisest rohkem raha hariduse, teaduse ja noorte toetamiseks. Horisont 2020 jätkuprogramm ja Erasmus+ programmi eelarved peaksid Euroopa Komisjoni ettepanekul suurenema oluliselt.


Today, the meeting of the board of the Governors of the European Schools starts in Tallinn. The three-day meeting is attended by delegations of all EU member-states. During the Estonian presidency, the focus has been on the more diverse use of digital solutions as well ensuring the good reputation of the European Schools and high quality of the teaching and studying.


Euroopa Liidu haridus- ja noorteprogrammi Erasmus+ vahehindamise raportist selgub, et eestlaste osalemine Euroopa Liidu haridus- ja noorteprogrammides kasvas aastatel 2007-2013 61%. Osalejad hindavad saadud kogemust väga kõrgelt ning 97% neist peavad programmi mõju oluliseks. Euroopa Komisjoni hinnangul on Erasmus+ üks kolmest parema tulemusega programmist Euroopa Liidus.


An agreement on the renewal of the Europass framework was reached in Strasbourg yesterday that leads to the development of a new web platform to consolidate EU web resources and information related to skills and qualifications. The new Europass platform will be a one-stop shop for convenient drafting of CVs, self-evaluation of skills, using an e-portfolio for storing certificates of competency, accessing various job offer portals, and gaining information on training and learning opportunities in Europe.


The EU Ministers for Research meeting in Brussels yesterday agreed on the fundamental principles of funding research and innovation as from 2021.


Eile Brüsselis kohtunud Euroopa Liidu teadusvaldkonna ministrid leppisid kokku, millised on teaduse ja innovatsiooni rahastamise põhialused alates 2021. aastast.


European ministers for research will meet in Brussels today, 1 December, to provide strategic guidelines for drafting the next framework programme for research and innovation and to talk about a new approach to research and innovation that brings science closer to daily life.


Täna, 1.detsembril kohtuvad Euroopa teadusministrid Brüsselis, et anda strateegilisi suuniseid järgmise teadusuuringute ja innovatsiooni raamprogrammi koostamisse ja arutada uut lähenemist teaduses ja innovatsioonis, mis lähendab teadust igapäevaeluga.