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The success stories of Estonia’s education were highly appreciated at the Stanford University

12. January 2019 - 3:22

Minister Mailis Reps gave a public lecture on the future of skills and education at the Stanford University. The success stories of Estonia’s education received positive feedback and were highly appreciated. According to the audience, Estonia’s education sets great example to other countries.

Minister Reps stressed the need to look at least 10 years into the future in front of an audience of 70 people. “It is crucial to create such school and education system that teaches to learn. The society of 21st century expects constant learning of new skills and knowledge. One shall not forget the past when implementing new innovative ways for teaching and learning – the key is taking best from past and present. Such integration allows the best education possible,” said Reps. Minister told that Estonia’s society understands the importance of education, one of the examples is the active participation of Estonians in the life-long learning and adult education.

“Estonia’s education system surely sets example for the world, especially Estonia’s digital learning materials, contemporary and up-to-date skills and knowledge, top level results in international rankings. Meetings here have assured that key actors and top universities are interested in Estonian experience,” added Reps. According to the audience of students, faculty members, professors and educational leaders, there are many aspects in Estonia’s education that sets Estonia experiences and knowledge as an example to other countries.

In addition to the public lecture, minister Reps met Mike Keller, the head of the Stanford Libraries Mike Keller and Liisi Esse, the Associate Curator of Estonian and Baltic Studies with whom the future of Estonian-related studies and library section were discussed. Minister Met also those students who have been to Estonia for studies or internship, as well local Estonians currently studying at the Stanford Uiversity.

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