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The success of Estonia’s education creates lively interest at Asia’s leading education Expo

11. December 2019 - 14:47

Skills are new currency that helps to face better the challenges of the future and reach further as a society, said Mart Laidmets, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia in a keynote speech at the Learning and Teaching Expo in Hong Kong.

Laidmets focused on the importance of lifelong learning: “The digital age, the globalizing world, climate challenges and demographics will change the work of future. The education system must be flexible enough to enable learning – it’s the learning competences that help to be competitive in the labour market in the future,” said Mart Laidmets in Hong Kong.

He stressed the importance of cooperation between various parties – schools, their managers, government, communities and entrepreneurs – because only together successful and effective education system can be created. He added that at the heart of education policy is a student. It is important to act in a way that a student wins – students have competences to learn, understand the world and society and overcomes challenges.

Interest in Estonia’s education in great in Asia

Opening one of the most important education expos is high recognition to Estonia, said Laidmets. “Our success story is crossing borders. I received congratulations already this week in Tallinn at the Global Education Industry Summit where attendees were very interested in our story. Interest from Asia is a bit unexpected to us,” said Laidmets. “Nevertheless, Asia is a region where we must pay our attention. Our educational technology companies are at a very good level and there are number on possibilities for education export to Asia,” he added.

Secretary General Laidmets also met his colleagues Wong Siew Hoong, the Director-General of Education of the Singapore Education Ministry and Choi Yuk-Lin, the Under Secretary for Education of the Hong Kong education bureau during expo to discuss educational cooperation and recent results in PISA tests.

The expo takes place from 11th to 13th December in Hong Kong. The expo is attended by over 13 000 delegates from all over the world. In addition to conference and panel sessions, the newest educational technological solutions are showcased at the expo.



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