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Starting from tomorrow wearing masks is not mandatory in schools but recommended

1. June 2021 - 15:46

According to the latest decision of the Government of Estonia, starting from tomorrow wearing masks is not mandatory in public spaces and educational and youth institutions but recommended.

"We have made mutual efforts to reduce the impact of the coronavirus epidemic in Estonia and to enable our children to go back to school and to their hobbies, as well as proceed with adult education. By now we estimate the situation to be improved to such an extent that we can drop the central obligation to wear a mask," explained the Minister of Education and Research of Estonia, Mrs Liina Kersna. "In a situation where a lot of people meet indoors during recess or public events, I still recommend wearing a mask," she pointed out.

According to the Covid-19 Science Council that advises the Government of Estonia, the obligation to wear a mask as a measure to prevent the spread of the infection is no longer necessary to such extent.

Starting from June 2nd, wearing a mask or covering nose and mouth will not be mandatory in indoor areas where it has been in force until now. The measures apply to education, hobby education and activities, youth work, training and adult education, culture, sports, religion, entertainment etc.
Wearing a mask or covering mouth and nose is still recommended indoors. It is especially recommended in enclosed and crowded places with poor ventilation and where keeping distance with other groups of people is difficult, such as public transport.

The Health Board of Estonia reserves the right to change the mask obligation in specific places or events according to needs, as well as employers may require their employees or customers to wear a mask to mitigate the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

Social distancing, washing and disinfecting hands is still an important measure.

An overview of the restrictions in education and youth field:

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