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Secretary General Varrak: cooperation with Finland supports the development of education in both countries

23. April 2018 - 17:23

Today, the Secretary General of Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research Ms Tea Varrak and the Permanent Secretary of Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture Ms Anita Lehikoinen met in Tallinn to discuss proposals for a joint sitting of the governments of Estonia and Finland in May.

Cooperation between Estonia and Finland is very good, said Varrak. „Estonia’s and Finland’s education systems are one of the best in the world. We can achieve even better level of education and research by sharing knowledge, experiences and practices as well cooperating,“ stressed Varrak. „Today’s meeting confirmed that we are thinking and acting alike more than ever before,“ added Varrak.

Proposals on strengthening cultural, language and educational bridges will be presented to the ministers for decision at the joint sitting of the governments of Estonia and Finland, taking place in Tallinn in May. Sharing experiences and wider use of common strengths are underlying ideas of the proposals. In addition to that, the introduction and development of languages of small countries in Europe as well joint widening of language learning opportunities.

Future perspectives of education and research as well improving the implementation of practices and studies and learning from each other were discussed during the meeting. The meeting took place in innovation and business center Mektory.

Estonia was represented by Secretary General Ms Tea Varrak; Deputy Secretary Generals Mr Mart Laidmets, Mr Ivar Sikk and Mr Indrek Reimand; Head of the European Union and International Cooperation Department Ms Kristen Lahtein and Chief Expert of the European Union and International Cooperation Department Ms Katrin Piller. Finland was represented by Permanent Secretary Ms Anita Lehikoinen, Director of International Relations Ms Jaana Palojärvi, Special Government Advisor Ms Ilkka Turunen and Director of Higher Education Ms Birgitta Vuorinen. Also, the representatives of Finnish National Agency for Education, Finnish Embassy in Estonia and Estonian Embassy in Finland participated in the meeting.

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