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Secretary General Mart Laidmets participates at the Science and Technology Society Forum and the 10th EU-Japan Science Policy Forum

4. October 2019 - 15:15

Mart Laidmets, the Secretary General is in Japan from 5th to 9th October 2019 to participate at the Science and Technology in Society Forum and the 10th EU-Japan Science Policy Forum.

Tomorrow, on the 5th October Mart Laidmets presents introductory remarks on Estonia’s research policy at the science policy forum in Kyōto, Japan. The Forum focuses on the strategic research cooperation between the European Union and Japan. Laidmets also meets Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, the President of the European Research Council to discuss the latest ERC-related developments, future perspectives and research grants.

On the 6th October, Laidmets participates in the Ministers’ lunch and round-table at the Science and Technology Forum in Kyōto, Japan. In the evening, Laidmets meets Tashichiro Harada, the Honorary Consul of Estonia in Ōsaka.

On the 7th October, Laidmets delivers a speech on cybersecurity as well as leads panel discussion. Later, Laidmets meets Junichi Yamagiwaga, the Rector of the Kyōto University to discuss the strengthening of cooperation between Estonian and Kyoto universities.

On 8th October, Laidmets meets Väino Reinart, the Ambassador of Estonia to Japan to explore cooperation possibilities between Estonia and Japan in the fields of education, research, youth affairs and language.

On 9th October, Laidmets meets Makoto Fujiwara, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education of Japan to discuss experiences and best practices in regarding to the digital transformation in education. Laidmets visits the Sasazuka Junior High School in Shibuya, Tōkyō, Japan. He also meets Sawako Shirahase, the Vice Rector of the University of Tokyo to discuss the development of inter-university cooperation.

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15.10.2019|Ministry of Education and Research

Estonia’s youth policy receives high-level recognition

Tomorrow, on 16th October Estonia will be awarded the Future Policy Award 2019 for youth civic engagement and political participation for sustainable development and peace. Award will be presented to Mart Laidmets, the Secretary General of Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and Reelika Ojakivi, the Director of Youth Affairs of the Ministry.

11.10.2019|Ministry of Education and Research

Secretary General Laidmets in Japan: international research cooperation is the key to sustainable future

Secretary General Mart Laidmets was this and last week in Japan to attend the Science and Technology in Society Forum and the 10th EU-Japan research policy forum. He met the Vice Minister of Education of Japan Makoto Fujiwara, the rector of Kyoto University and the management of Tōkyō University.