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OECD Education Policy Report 2018: Estonia is successful in education

11. June 2018 - 15:09

The OECD Education Policy Report 2018, published today, recognizes Estonia for success in education policy and highlights reforms in general education and vocational education.

„The OECD’s report gives once again an excellent feedback on Estonia’s reforms and sets us as an example for other countries,“ said Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research Mart Laidmets. „Aside positive feedback, the report highlighted some areas such as supporting students with special needs or increasing participation in pre-school education that need additional reforms. Estonia can already demonstrate changes in those fields – legislation of additionally supporting students with special needs was approved at the beginning of 2018 and we are currently undertaking changes in pre-school education,“ added Laidmets.

Estonia is set as an example for the changes in legislation in 2014 when the teaching-based approach shifted to a learning-based approach sothat the students would acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable life long learning.

In addition, Estonia’s vocational education system is highlighted: Estonia’s vocational education reacts to changes and needs of the labor market very well. The Estonia’s education system as whole is highly appreciated due the high scores in PISA-tests.

The OECD’s Education Policy Report 2018 compares countries’ challenges and developments in education policy. The focus of 2018 report is implementation and influence of key education policies.

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