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More than four thousand children and youth who fled the war in Ukraine are now registered in Estonian schools

3. May 2022 - 17:30

4,095 children and young people who arrived in Estonia from Ukraine are registered in the Estonian Education Information System (EHIS) as of 2 May, comparing to 3,729 a week earlier. 1,045 children are enrolled in primary education, 2,748 in basic education, 164 in upper-secondary education and 138 in vocational education.

Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna stresses that Ukrainian children and young people quickly need to find a place in our educational institutions in order to to settle in, find friends and a support network, and start learning Estonian. Our educational institutions should register children in EHIS as soon as possible. "Only then when the children are registered in the database we can allocate support from the supplementary state budget," Minister Kersna explains.

Children and young people from Ukraine are present in all counties all over Estonia from kindergartens to vocational schools. According to EHIS, the counties with the highest number of war refugees from Ukraine registered in educational institutions are Harjumaa (1917), Tartumaa (422), Pärnumaa (315), Ida-Virumaa (265), Lääne-Virumaa (258), Järvamaa (160) and Saaremaa (152). 

Many educational institutions across Estonia have employed educational staff from Ukraine. Accoring to the survey carried out on April 22, 101 Ukrainian war refugees have been employed in 76 education institutions. Most of them are employed as teachers or teaching assistants, but there are also psychologists, support workers, learning coordinators and those who help in the canteen or keep the schoolhouse clean. By today, the number of new recruits is definitely higher, and new data will be received from schools by Friday.

For a more detailed overview of children and young people from Ukraine in educational institutions by county, see the map.

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