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Ministry suggests the government deny Euroacademy right to conduct studies

12. June 2019 - 11:20

The Ministry of Education and Research proposes that the government deny Euroacademy the right to conduct studies because national surveillance data points towards severe long-term problems in conducting studies, managing the higher education institution and sustainability. Euroacademy cannot admit any new students.

Deputy Secretary General of the ministry Indrek Reimand agreed that studies at Euroacademy do not meet the requirements set for higher education institutions and that there are no signs of improvement. "If an institution cannot guarantee high quality studies, then the justified expectations of students, employers and all other interested parties are not met and we cannot allow this," he explained.

Euroacademy's right to conduct studies is to be repealed on 31 August 2020. During the next academic year, most current students will be able to graduate.

There are currently 280 students at the school, 46 of them first-year students. In cooperation with the ministry, Euroacademy will find a way for those first-years who are not set to complete their studies within the next academic year to continue at another higher education institution or to study at an elevated pace to graduate within the set period.


  • Last August, the higher education assessment committee of the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education decided against accrediting Euroacademy.
  • Last September, the Ministry of Education and Research initiated national surveillance to get further proof and data to decide if the institution should be given a two-year deadline for its next institutional assessment or whether it should be denied the right to conduct studies.
  • The Police and Boarder Guard Board has also directed attention towards problems at Euroacademy, ruling it unreliable for the second time in December 2018. Due to this, Euroacademy could not admit foreign students from third countries.
  • The Language Inspectorate conducted a language assessment at the school and advised six people to take the language exam. Overall, the employees' Estonian language skills were judged as poor.

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