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Ministry recommends schools to follow information by the Health Board of Estonia

27. February 2020 - 16:27

The Ministry of Education and Research recommends schools and other educational institutions to follow information by the Health Board of Estonia in regarding to the corona virus outbreak. At the moment, the situation does not need extraordinary measures in schools, but the Ministry recommends to pay more attention to the prevention of diseases.

The most important thing is a good communication between different authorities in preventing the spread of the virus as well as sharing balanced and evidence-based information. Today, the Ministry sent the recommendations to schools and their managers.

Due to the situation in the world, the Health Board of Estonia recommends schools to inform parents of students who had their school holiday in the areas affected by the virus. If possible, it is advised parents and students to stay at home for 14 days and monitor the health. Parents whose children stay at home as a precaution are asked to inform school. Parents and students are advised to contact the school directly for further guidance and information on the organization of studies, too.

The Ministry calls school leaders and managers to monitor the situation in their institutions and act accordingly and case-by-case basis. The school shall assess whether the situation needs intervention and are able to act within the frame of the Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act.

The Ministry of Education and Research is monitoring the situation closely together with the Health Board of Estonia and provides further information as necessary.

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