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Ministry of Education and Research warns about an unlicensed higher education institution

3. April 2018 - 12:09

The Ministry of Education and Research informs that the European College of Professional Studies and Research which promotes itself on the Internet as a higher education institution is not licensed to provide higher education in Estonia and cannot award nationally recognised diplomas.

The web site features ill-founded information on the provision of higher education, national accreditation and collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research.

The Head of the Ministry’s Higher Education Department Margus Haidak noted that misleading publicity implies the possibility to acquire higher education through e-learning and obtain graduation documents recognised by the Estonian government. “This is not true and people could unwittingly find themselves in a situation where they are offered an illegitimate paid service,” said Haidak. “Everyone looking to pursue education should make sure that the institution they choose is licensed.”

According to the Universities Act, the provision of higher education in Estonia is subject to a licence issued by the government. The Ministry of Education and Research and will submit a corresponding proposal to the government provided that the quality of education has been assessed and found to be adequate.

The European College of Professional Studies and Research has not addressed the Ministry of Education and Research to obtain a licence for providing education and the government has not granted them the right to provide education.

The Ministry suspects the said entity of illegitimate economic and education activities and has referred the matter to the Police and Border Guard Board.

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