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Minister Reps participates today in the discussions of the vision of the European Education Area and future priorities of youth affairs

22. May 2018 - 11:55

Today, Minister of Education and Research of Estonia Mailis Reps participates in the meeting of the ministers of education and ministers of youth, where number of topics important for future Europe are under discussion. The discussions on the vision of the European Education Area and future priorities of youth affairs will take place.

Minister Mailis Reps has high expectations on the meetings today. “Today we are looking into the future of Europe – we will focus on how to create European education area and which are the cooperation priorities in youth affairs,” said Reps. Discussions on the common European education area started already during Estonian presidency last year and results have been formed. “It is important to understand how the European Union can work with and for young people. Involving young people as well learning mobility must become integral part of studies,” added minister Reps.

The ministers of education will agree on the vision of the European Education Area that aims to create all students best possibilities for mobility. The meeting of the ministers of youth will be the first of discussions ahead during the up-coming months on the new European Youth Strategy – the initial draft will be proposed by the European Commission in the near future.

Prior to the meeting of the ministers of youth there will be informal lunch where participants will discuss on more thorough engagement of youth to the policy development. The focus will be on restructuring the Structured Dialogue. The representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union, European Youth Forum and European Students’ Union and the Presidencies of Estonia, Bulgaria and Austria.

In addition, the minister Reps will meet her colleague from Austria to discuss the up-coming Austrian Presidency. Ministers of education will also meet the Commissioner Oettinger to discuss the future of European Schools.


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