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Minister Reps discusses the future of the European Higher Education Area in Paris

24. May 2018 - 8:19

Minister Mailis Reps is today and tomorrow in Paris at the meeting of ministers of the European Higher Education Area and Bologna Policy Forum, where Estonia co-signs Paris Communiqué.

“It is highly important for Estonia that the cooperation between European Higher Education Area is stronger and that agreed milestones will be achieved. For example, it shall be easier for young people to start working or continue studies in another country with their diploma,” said minister Reps. “At the meeting we will discuss the current state and future of the European Higher Education Area. We seek to understand how joint effort can help Europe to bring previous agreements into reality as well how to strengthen the role and influence of higher education institutions in society,” said Reps.

The Paris Communiqué aims to set focus topics and activities for the up-coming years in higher education. The special focus is on Bologna process: the three cycles of higher education, common standards and quality of higher education qualifications. The ministers will also discuss creation of network of European universities as well the role and core values of higher education. The focus of Bologna Policy Forum is in widening accessibility to higher education and role of the higher education institutions in society.

The meeting is attended by 48 delegations of European Higher Education Area. The meeting takes place every three years.

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