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Minister Mailis Reps participates in the meeting of the Baltic Ministers of Education and Research in Vilnius

7. June 2018 - 7:49
Minister Mailis Reps will participate in the annual meeting of the Ministers of Education and Research of the three Baltic States today and tomorrow. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will sign the the Agreement on the Automatic Academic Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education.

Estonia’s Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps said that this agreement is a great example of cooperation between the Baltic States. „The signing of this agreement is one of the success stories in the field of education as it increases both academic and labor mobility,“said Reps. „The agreement is the Baltic’s contribution to the creation of the European Education Area. We aim to increase regional cooperation in the field of higher education,“ added Reps.

During the opening plenary session, each country gives an overview of the latest developments in teacher training and curriculum development. In addition, the working groups discuss teacher competences as a prerequisite for effective teaching and curriculum as a tool for competence-based teaching.

On Friday, the working groups will present the results of discussions. It will be an introduction for the ministers’ roundtable discussion on policies for ensuring quality during rapid changes in the society. In the afternoon, the ministers will sign the Agreement on the Automatic Academic Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education.

The annual meeting of ministers takes place in a different Baltic country, last year in Latvia and in the next year in Estonia. The purpose of the meeting is to share experiences and best practices in the areas that are important for the Baltic States. In connection with the 100th anniversary of the Baltic States, the Ministers of Education and Research of the Nordic Countries will also attend the meeting.

In addition to Minister Mailis Reps, the Estonian delegation also includes officials from the departments of European Union and International Cooperation, General Education and Higher Education as well from the Foundation Innove.

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