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Minister Mailis Reps participates in the Education Ministers Meeting of G7

4. July 2019 - 7:12

Today, Mailis Reps, the Minister of Education and Research of Estonia participates in the Education Ministers Meeting of G7. The meeting focuses on the issues of equity in education, fight against bullying in school and the challenges in early childhood education and teaching profession.

This is the first time ever when Estonia is invited to participate in G7 meetings. “It is a great honor for Estonia to be invited to G7 meeting for the first time. This demonstrates how Estonia’s experiences, knowledge and education as a whole are role models for other countries,” said minister Mailis Reps.

Estonia’s innovative education is great example to the world, said the French Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer in his invite. In addition to high rankings in PISA tests, Estonia’s is being admired by its results in digital transformation of education, achievements during the Estonian Presidency of the EU in 2017 and creating one of the most equitable education systems in the world. Blanquer believes that the countries of G7 can learn from Estonia’s experiences and knowledge. In addition to Estonia, Singapore and Argentina have been also invited.

Minister Mailis Reps will meet the Minister of Education of Canada’s provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. She will also present an award to the winners of the competition “7 measures to tackle inequalities”, a competition organized in schools across France.

G7 consists of countries with largest economies – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Great Britain and the United States of America.   

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