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Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna's upcoming school year address

1. September 2021 - 17:01

Dear school family, esteemed teachers, students and parents! 1 September indicates a fresh start – for acquiring new knowledge and skills, for new relationships and feelings – a new beginning.

Learning changes us – it changes our knowledge, skills and attitudes. By acquiring new knowledge, creating connections and changing attitudes, we can become better people, because if we are more informed, we have less fear and more understanding.

We become better at seeking out knowledge, better at asking questions and better at finding solutions.

Learning can be fun, but it also requires effort. Focus. Hard work.

Learning requires us to challenge ourselves constantly, only then will we broaden our capabilities. A person is all-powerful when they are able to focus, push hard and knowingly strive towards their objectives. Anything becomes possible.

The journey will, of course, have its ups and downs. If your wish is to conquer Everest, you must first reach base camp before making it to the top – then you need to find the appropriate route and stop at all the camps in between. You must exercise patience and give yourself some time to adapt. Descend from time to time, only to then rise up once again. You can’t reach the top without making a few stops on the way.

Faith plays an extremely important role in learning – your own faith in yourself and your abilities as well as your teachers' and other loved one's faith in you.

Our goal is to stand with our students and keep their faith alive – to support them, encourage them, and guide them. There are no problems that can’t be solved. Sometimes it just takes time and critical thinking to reach a solution. We encourage students to reach out and consult with a school psychologist on the free advice line 1226 whenever necessary.

Trust me – learning will make you happy and change the world for the better.

A happy fresh start to all of us!

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