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Meeting of the education ministers of the European Union focused on inclusive education

19. February 2021 - 15:02
Meeting of education ministers of the EU at 19th February 2021

An inclusive and equal education was under discussion at the today’s video meeting of the education ministers of the European Union. Discussions focused on long-term and sustainable solutions in education that enable more accessible and personalised education.

Liina Kersna, the Minister of Education and Research of Estonia stressed the importance of supporting the development of teachers’ skills and competences at her address. “Teachers’ capabilities to notice, encourage and support play central role in shaping an learner-centred education. This is the reason why government must ensure continuous training for teachers and provide opportunities for life long learning for teachers,” minister Kersna said.

The PISA results demonstrate, for example, that providing equal access and quality education for all is something that the majority of EU member states struggle. The ministers gathered to discuss the topic, because the distance learning caused ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made these issues even worse. Estonia, on the other hand, stands out with its education system where accessing or obtaining a quality education does not depend on the students’ socio-economic background, minister Kersna noted. 

Today’s discussions will be formed into a policy recommendations that help to shape more inclusive, accessible and equal education system. Equal and inclusive education system has been a one of the strategic goals of the European Union from 2009.

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