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Liina Põld and Renno Veinthal elected Deputy Secretary Generals of Ministry of Education and Research

25. October 2021 - 9:54

Liina Põld, the former Head of the General Education Policy Department, was elected Deputy Secretary General of General Education and Youth Policy. Renno Veinthal, currently a professor at Tallinn University of Technology, was elected Deputy Secretary General of Research and Development, Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training Policy.

The new Deputy Secretary General Liina Põld noted that basic and general education and youth policy concerns a very important target group in our society. “Children and young people are the creators of our future. The development of every child and young person and the unlocking of their potential is an indicator of the strength of Estonia,” said Põld. “In the field of education and youth, we must pay the most attention to personalising learning, integrating formal and non-formal education, ensuring the arrival of new teachers and making learning opportunities meet the needs of society and the labour market.”

Liina Põld has worked at the Ministry of Education and Research since 2020. From 2013-2019, she was Deputy Mayor of Haapsalu, and before that, Development Manager of Tallinn University Haapsalu College. Liina Põld graduated from Tallinn University in Management and Business Administration and defended her Master's degree in Organisational Behaviour.

According to Renno Veinthal, the future labour market needs more highly qualified skilled workers and specialists with broader knowledge and good learning skills. “I see the development of lifelong learning and a further training system for all age groups with permanent funding as one of my important tasks,” said Veinthal. “Increasing the productivity of the Estonian workforce is central when taking into consideration all of the objectives of the current research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship development plan. I would like to see the more rapid development of our research area, both in terms of quality and importance in solving the challenges facing the Estonian society and economy, and to contribute to fulfilling the promises made by the parties concluding the Estonian Research Agreement in 2018.”

Renno Veinthal has been working as a professor at Tallinn University of Technology since 2007 and has been in charge of the Department of Materials Technology at Tallinn University of Technology since 2008. He defended his doctorate in engineering at the same university. From 2015-2020, Renno Veinthal was Vice Rector for Research at Tallinn University of Technology, after which he continued as a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Liina Põld started working as the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research on 20 October; Renno Veinthal’s date of employment is still to be decided. The term of office of Deputy Secretary Generals is five years.

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