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Liina Kersna: “I wholeheartedly wish for tranquillity in schools in the upcoming school year”

1. September 2021 - 11:06

At midday today, Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna will announce the traditional School Peace project in Keila School’s front square. 

She will announce the upcoming School Peace project on 1 September at 12:00 during an official ceremony in Keila School’s front square. The agreement will be signed by the following individuals: the Mayor of Keila, the Minister of Education and Research, the President of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, representatives from the Estonian School Students Councils’ Union and non-profit organisations NÜ TORE and Vaikuseminutid as well as the Integration Foundation and SA Kiusamisvaba Kool.

The objective of the School Peace project is to unify students, teachers, school leadership and parents to get them to cooperate in the creation of a better school environment. The School Peace project directs students and adults towards a friendlier and safer school environment. The motto of this year’s School Peace project is “Always supportive and helpful!”

Mayor of Keila Enno Felsi says that a considerate and friendly school environment is the foundation for a happy life. “This is the common objective we strive towards,” says Felsi.

Each school year is distinctive and the start is always exciting; therefore, President of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare Ene Tomberg calls upon all students to enjoy this wonderful but difficult and exhausting work. “Trust me,” says Tomberg, “the time spent at school will definitely be the best time of our lives.” She adds that observation, tolerance, thoughtfulness, respect and bravery are values that should be at the forefront every single day in every other field in addition to the school environment.

Chairperson of the Estonian School Students Councils’ Union Anette Viin is convinced that the School Peace project is the cornerstone of a strong and healthy learning environment. If our schools don’t have a calming environment, then we cannot talk about consistent schooling; therefore, she urges every Estonian to respect and care for one another.

Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna hopes that every person experiences that shoulder-to-shoulder feeling. “The coronavirus crisis has been a significant challenge for everyone. I wholeheartedly wish for tranquillity in schools in the upcoming school year, where students are able to study in peace and teachers are able to smoothly guide, encourage and inspire them,” says the minister. She adds that the mental health of both students and educators has been affected by the crisis. “We must make informed decisions and ensure that no one is suffering in silence. Let’s take a close look at the people around us. Is someone unhappy? Does someone require assistance? Can we offer support? Let’s be nice because being nice and positive has a fantastic cleansing power.

Free school psychologist counselling advice lines will start their work today – we are waiting for teachers, students, parents and people who work with young people to call. Certified and experienced school counsellors will be answering the calls. “A problem shared is a problem halved and asking for help is an indication of strength,” says the minister.

“The School Peace project should be applied everywhere in society, not only in schools,” says President of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare Ireen Kangro, who is also the project manager of the School Peace project. “We learn things everywhere throughout our entire lives, which is why it’s incredibly important that we set an example with not only with our words, but with our actions.

The nationwide School Peace project is being carried out for the 23rd time in Estonia and for the first time in Keila. The Estonian Union for Child Welfare has been the leader of the School Peace project since 2008. Every school can join the School Peace project if the school’s leaders take the initiative and enter into the School Peace project agreement along with the entire school.

You can follow the School Peace project’s announcement live. The live broadcast link for the School Peace project is available on their webpage: 

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