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The Global Education Industry Summit focused on future usage of data

10. December 2019 - 14:34

The main discussions at the Global Education Industry Summit focused on the usage of data for the empowerment of education system as well as finding solutions for the future. Ministers, education experts and entrepreneurs highlighted the need for more meaningful and thorough use of educational data in designing education system as well as everyday learning and teaching and the ability to ask right questions.

The discussions demonstrated that evidence-based decisions in education are widespread, but often the importance of data is not understood, said Mailis Reps, the host and Minister of Education and Research of Estonia. We need to learn to process data in a way that every school, teacher and students benefits from it without much extra burden. „Estonia is certainly great example in to World in using the data to make learning and teaching more smarter, innovative and attractive,“ said Reps. For example, the e-tests in Estonia helps to understand better students’ skills, competences and knowledge.

During the two-day summit, it was discussed how to make smart decisions in education and how to use educational data for the future as well as how to cooperate private sector. The rapid development of artificial intelligence leads to the need to rethink the ways in which data is collected and used.

In the light of PISA tests it was discussed, what should it measure internationally in 20 years. Digital skills and competences were found to be important in helping to find way in large volume of data.

GEIS was attended by ministers, expert and CEO’s participating from Latvia, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Sweden, USA, France, Japan, South-Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the UK.

The summit took place for the fourth times and was hosted by the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia, European Commission and OECD.


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