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A global education forum on equity takes place next week

4. May 2021 - 10:26

Next week, from 10th to 12th May, a virtual global education forum on equity takes place. The forum, hosted by Estonia and OECD focuses on post-Covid education, closing equity gaps, personalised learning, inclusive education and equal access. Forum “Preparing for the Post-Covid Education: Closing Equity Gaps through Personalised & Digital Curriculum” is part of OECD’s “Education and Skills 2030” project.

On the first day, participants will visit Estonian schools virtually and discuss on digital transformation in education based on Estonian examples. During the second half of the day, a panel discussion takes place with Kristin Pintson (Chair of the Estonian School Students Councils’ Union), Indrek Lillemägi (current headmaster of Emili school and future headmaster of Mustamäe State Gymnasium), Liisa Pakosta (the Estonian Commissioner for Gender Equality and Equal Treatment) and Margus Pedaste (educational technology professor of the University of Tartu).

On the second day, a report by OECD “Ensuring Equity through Curriculum Innovation” will be presented. The report focuses on flexible and personalised digital curriculum. It is a part of series, which introduces and compares different policy approaches on providing equal access to education by OECD members and offers policy suggestions. Report will be presented by Andreas Schleicher, the Director for Education and Skills of the OECD. Liina Kersna, the Minister of Education and Research of Estonia will present an overview of policies that have shaped Estonia’s education. A roundtable of discussion will follow the presentation.

On the last day, a focus will be on the development of teaching skills and competencies. Ideas, thoughts and opinions will be collected from the participants in panel and group discussions for developing the teaching compass.

Forum is organised by the OECD, the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia, the Education and Youth Board of Estonia and Estonian School Students Councils’ Union. Participants include educational professionals, specialists, teachers and headmasters from Estonia and other OECD member states.


OECD started the Education and Skills 2030 project in 2015. It aims to determine the future challenges of education and shape a common understanding of knowledge, skills, approaches and values that teachers and students need in the 21st century for studying, learning and teaching. The current forum is 3rd of its kind that provides foundation and input to OECD’s policy planning and making process.


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