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Estonia’s digital transformation in education sets example for Singapore

13. June 2019 - 5:35

This week, the Secretary General Mart Laidmets introduced Estonia’s practices and experiences in digital transformation of education to the management and officials of the Singaporean Ministry of Education and Singapore’s school leaders.

“The education systems of Estonia and Singapore are different, but both share a similarity of having top education system in the world,” said Mart Laidmets. “The education system in Singapore is very centralized compared to Estonia and the ministry plays great role in managing schools. Both models have their pros and cons, but in Estonia we believe in school’s competences on finding the best solutions. The large autonomy of schools, cooperation between homes and schools and professional teaching staff are underlying principles of Estonia’s successful education system,” marked Laidmets.

According to Mart Laidmets, despite to fundamental differences in education systems, both countries have much to learn from each other. “Our Singaporean colleagues were very thrilled to learn about Estonia’s experience in digital transformation in education. They were surprised how school can decide which learning materials to use. On the other hand, Estonia can learn how to improve the image of teaching profession and stimulate cooperation between teachers,” said Laidmets.

Singapore’s steps for digital transformation in education are similar to Estonia, said Kristel Rillo, the Head of Digital Education. “The transformation aims to teach students with necessary digital skills. Good level of digital competences are crucial for tackling the challenges of future. Singapore has started their digital transformation earlier than Estonia, but Estonia has been more successful in developing students’ digital competences and incorporating digital solutions into learning process,” said Rillo.

In addition to Laidmets and Rillo, Estonian edtech companies introduced Estonia’s technological solutions in education: admissions platform DreamApply, pre-school management system ELIIS, digital learning materials platform Opiq and engagement and development tool Clanbeat.

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