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Estonia is a strong innovator in Europe

8. July 2019 - 12:44

The new European Innovation Scoreboard shows that Estonia’s growth-rate of innovation has accelerated and Estonia is one of the most innovative countries.

The scoreboard divides countries in four categories: innovation leaders, strong innovators, moderate innovators and  modest innovators. Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands are innovation leaders while the innovation performance has improved the most in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Greece.

Estonia is strong innovator for the first time in the Scoreboard, highlighted Katrin Pihor, the Head of the Research Department of Estonia’s Ministry of Education and Research. “Estonia’s strengths are population’s level of education and participation in the lifelong learning,” said Pihor. “It is particularly great to note that Estonia has made a major progress in innovation indicators: the number of innovations in product and process of small and medium-sized companies as well as investments in non-R&D have increased. However, R&D expenditure, especially in the private sector, is significantly below the EU average.”

The weaker sides of Estonia’s innovation are its modest impact on sales and employment, small number of international patent applications, low number of small and medium-sized companies with market innovation and the lack of private investments in R&D.

The data suggest that in general the innovation is on the rise throughout the EU and since 2001 the indicators have improved in 25 member states.
The European Innovation Scoreboard compares different innovation-related indicators both in the EU countries and in other countries in Europe and its neighboring regions. Various innovation-related indicators, such as innovation-friendly environments, intellectual property (including patent and trademark applications), attractiveness of the research system, support measures, human resources (including the proportion of people with higher education, participation in lifelong learning, protection of the doctorate), etc., will be evaluated.

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