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Estonia started a process of joining the leading molecular biology organization

1. July 2019 - 11:00
DSG Indrek Reimand in Heidelberg, Germany

Mailis Reps, the Minister of Education and Research of Estonia and Edith Heard, the Director General of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory signed agreement that Estonia became a prospect member state starting from June 2019. This is the first step towards becoming full member of the organization.

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is leading molecular biology research institution established 45 years ago. Currently, there are 27 member states and its main research facility is in Heidelberg, Germany.

The prospect membership grants Estonian researchers same opportunities in the organization as researchers from full member states for three years. Estonia has to decide on becoming a full member in 2021.

The EMBL membership grants Estonia better possibilities to benefit joint research and Access facilities and services that need are absent from Estonia, for example genomics, bioinformatics and transplant medicine. Full members also have better Access to research facilities and doctoral and post doctoral programmes.

The membership paves road for Estonia’s small and medium enterprises for cooperation and allows to create Network with leading industries. Estonia is most interested in personal medicine and entrepreneurial possibilities in the field.

Last week, Estonia’s delegation participated in the EMBL’s council meeting for the first time. Indrek Reimand, the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia introduced the members Estonia’s research and development activities.

Seminars of the possibilities of the membership will be introduced in Tallinn and Tartu this fall.

The EMBL belongs to Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap.

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