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Estonia signed the Paris Communiqué that sets priorities for the future of European higher education

25. May 2018 - 14:52

Minister Mailis Reps was today and yesterday in Paris at the meeting of ministers of European Higher Education Area and Bologna Policy Forum, where she signed the Paris Communiqué.

“Estonia has set great example for fulfilling the agreed obligations of the European Higher Education Area. The Paris Communiqué sets priorities for the up-coming years to all countries joined the European Higher Education Area. Those are better quality, efficiency and openness of higher education systems,” said Reps. Among other, it creates better and easier opportunities for young people to start working or studying abroad with their diploma-

Reps stressed in her very well received keynote speech how the common principles of higher education systems have helped to create more open and cooperative European higher education system as well increased the student mobility. Reps encouraged colleagues to support their country’s higher education institutions in a way that the Bologna Process and structural reforms could be finished and call them to think more about the future of the European Higher Education Area.

According to the Paris Communiqué the signatory countries shall pay special attention to implement the principles of the Bologna Process – three cycles of higher education, common standards and quality of higher education qualifications. The Process, started about 20 years ago, has made higher education systems more open and stimulated the student mobility as well sharing best practices. Due not all countries have not yet implemented all principles, the ministers agreed that special attention must be drawn to fulfill those principles.  

 Additionally, the creation of the Network of European Universities and discussed the role and core values of higher education. The accessibility to higher education and influence and role of the universities were also discussed.

Minister had bi-lateral meetings with the minister of education, science and sport of Slovenia Maja Makovec Brenčič and minister of education, culture and science of the Netherlands Ingrid van Engelshoveniga which focused on exploring cooperation possibilities as well providing higher education in English. Minister Reps met also her colleagues from Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania.

The meeting is attended by 48 delegations of European Higher Education Area. The meeting takes place every three years.

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