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Estonia and Finland decided to strengthen cooperation on education

8. May 2018 - 14:13

Yesterday, the Estonian and Finnish held a joint sitting where cooperation between countries on creation of physical as well digital connections were discussed, among other topics it was decided to strengthen cooperation on education and culture. The educational cooperation aims to increase the exchange of experiences and better usage of common strengths. In addition to those, both countries seek to introduce and develop their languages in Europe and enlarge opportunities for language studies.

Both countries want to continue promoting the learning of Estonian and Finnish languages and find smart e-learning and digital solutions for this purpose. Cooperation in the international marketing of education is considered important for raising global awareness of the excellent educational opportunities in the region. In cultural cooperation, governments are hoping to increase the volume of cultural exports. The Estonian and Finnish states also declare support for mutual cultural centers the Finnish Institute in Estonia and the Estonian Institute in Finland. The countries will also promote the Finnish-Estonian cultural fund.

Decisions on education, language and culture

  • To continue developing and supporting the teaching of Estonian and Finnish languages, including via development of e-learning and digital solutions.
  • To Develop International marketing of education based on both countries good results in PISA tests and other intentional studies.
  • To increase joint cultural export and support projects with potential for export as well boost through bi-lateral cooperation Finnish-Estonian cultural fund and other funds.
  • To support mutual cultural centers.
  • To strengthen strategically cooperation to provide sustainable development through education, higher education, research and innovation as well at OECD, UNESCO and other International forums.

Additional information

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