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Directors General for vocational education meet in Tallinn to discuss the future of work and the future of vocational education

9. October 2017 - 6:33

The meeting of Directors General for vocational education held in Tallinn today focuses on the future of vocational education and competencies in Europe which will be one of the key topics at the meeting of EU Ministers for Education in Brussels on 20 November.

The meeting will be chaired by the Head of Vocational Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Research Helen Põllo who noted that the meeting focuses primarily on how future work and competencies will affect work-based learning and apprenticeships. “The skills and expertise of teachers and tutors play the key role across all vocational education. The changing role and duties of teachers and tutors in the light of industry digitalisation, innovation and new competencies represent critical priorities for many countries,” said Põllo.
The two-day meeting in Estonia allows the heads of vocational education to share the best practices, visit Estonia’s vocational schools and discuss the future trends and visions beyond 2020 with European businesses and central organisations of trade unions.

The meeting of Directors General for Vocational Education and Training takes place in Tallinn in the framework of Estonia’s presidency in the EU Council. The Estonian presidency’s priorities for education include the modernisation of teaching on all levels of education, and the links between education and working life.

Further information on events and priorities in the area of education, research and youth during the Estonian presidency is available here.

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