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The development of scientific careers was discussed at the informal meeting of the EU ministers of research

3. February 2021 - 19:12

The development of attractive scientific career and the European Research Area was Under discussion at today’s informal video meeting of the European Union Ministers responsible for Research and Innovation.

Agreeing on common principles of supporting scientific careers is important for Estonia, because it offers our researchers International opportunities and enables our universities to include more International expertise in their research,“ said Indrek Reimand, the Vice Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia. „A stable and attractive career framework and the European Research Area help in increase the competitiveness and innovation of the European Union as well as of Estonia,“ he added. Reimand said at the meeting that Estonia is already taking steps for the common goal: „We are reforming doctoral studies by providing a scientific position for students with at least a salary level of an average salary of Estonia.“

The meeting focused on the attractive scientific career model that helps to recover from COVID-19 crisis and supports long-term competitiveness and innovation capacity. This entails supporting scientific careers in private companies as well as research facilities and higher education institutions, including funds from private and public organizations. Strong research area needs contribution by all member states. Planned model supports researchers’ career path with cross-sectoral mobility and enables better comparison between different countries.

It was agreed on that the European Universities Initiative members will become a testbed for the planned approach. Discussions will continue with an aim to provide input for the COMPET meeting in May.


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