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Call for name proposals for a state school of fine arts

11. February 2019 - 12:27

Ministry of Education and Research announces a call for proposals of a name for the state school of  fine arts. Call lasts until 1st March.

Choosing name is the next very important step for establishing the school of fine arts, said the founding director of the school Mr Eero Raun. „Currently, the working title is the School of Fine Arts. We seek to find a name that bears the essence, values and traditions of three merged schools,” said Raun.

Three schools – the Music High School of Tallinn, Tallinn Georg Ots Music School and Tallinn Ballet School – will be merged into school of fine arts. The new name shall become simple, memorable and universal in terms of culture, countries and languages. The name shall fit with the school’s ambition of to provide high quality of learning and studying and be international where the majority of Estonia’s professional musicians and dancers study.

The proposals can be submitted here (in Estonian).

The proposals will be evaluated by jury of 18 members of representatives of school’s staff and students and their partners. The results will be presented to the founding commission and the name will be confirmed officially by the minister of education and research. There are prizes by Tallinn Music Week and National Opera of Estonia for submitters.

The new school will be built in Tallinn at Pärnu road 59. The building is designed by Austrian architect Thomas Pucher. The new building will accommodate facilities for world-class studies, practice and performing. The construction will start in 2020 and school will be open on 1st September 2022.

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