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In Brussels, Estonia introduced its efforts to develop cooperation between universities and businesses

10. April 2017 - 9:02

“Promoting cooperation between businesses and researchers is essential for a small country like Estonia,” said Deputy Secretary General for Higher Education and Research Indrek Reimand at the innovation forum in Brussels today where he provided an overview of Estonia’s priorities during its EU presidency.

“Estonia has launched several new measures to support cooperation between businesses and research institutions,” noted Indrek Reimand. “For instance, the government supports collaborative applied research, the establishment of ADAPTER platform for universities’ joint business cooperation, and Doctoral studies in coordination with businesses. Further, the criteria for basic financing of Estonian research institutes were modified to stimulate business cooperation.”

Reimand added that interest in enterprise can and should be stimulated in schools. The goal of the entrepreneurial training programme launched last year is to promote entrepreneurial training on all educational levels. The programme supports the development of enterprising spirit in students and the acquisition of knowledge in the field of enterprise to improve their employability and prepare them for taking up business. The programme involves higher education institutions, general education and vocational schools, employers’ organisations, etc.

During Estonia’s EU presidency, the focus will be on the evolving role of learning and teaching to better align the education system with labour market needs. “We will support broader possibilities for the youth to gain valuable experience through participation in youth work, volunteering, learning, working and practice, and make sure that the youth can more effectively voice their opinion on issues concerning them,” said Reimand.

As for research, the Estonian presidency will focus on the interim evaluation of the research and innovation framework programme Horizon 2020. “We will discuss the possibilities of lowering the participation thresholds and simplifying the programme to foster the participation of smaller entities and newcomers,” noted Reimand. “Further, we will see to it that state-of-the-art research would be recognised as a driver for community development.”

This 7th University-Business Forum focused on University-Business Cooperation for Innovation and Modernisation. Read more.

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