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Moderator Artur Taevere

Artur Taevere is an educator and entrepreneur with extensive international knowledge and experience.

As a Senior Schools Advisor at British Council, he is working to improve the quality of teaching and learning worldwide in collaboration with teachers, school leaders, and policy makers.

Taevere is deeply interested in policy and practice: how children learn the best, how can teachers create effective learning environments, and how can teachers and school leaders be supported on a larger scale.

He is a Governor of School 21 in London and co-founder of Open School in Tallinn, Estonia. He served on the senior team of Teach For All and has been part of the founding team of various social enterprises. He was also involved in developing Estonia’s Lifelong Learning Strategy.

He studied philosophy, politics, and economics at the University of Oxford.

He often wonders: what if all children fulfilled their potential and grew up to be positive contributors to the world?



Last updated: 8 August 2017