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Engaging guest teachers to learning. Teibi Torm, Eilike Maarand

Teibi Torm is an entrepreneur and developer with 10 years of experience in starting educational projects.
Currently, she is leading the Back To School initiative in Estonia, which aims to provide an environment in which teachers and guest teachers can co-create guest lessons in schools. A guest teacher could be anyone who wants to share their knowledge voluntarily with students in a 45-minute lesson.

Torm has also been leading the European Social Fund (ESF) funded Eduko programme, which has worked with top Estonian Universities in making teacher training more practical and popular. She was also a founding member and teacher-training manager of the Youth To School initiative, which brings exceptional graduates to teach for two years.

She is passionate about helping to connect classroom learning to “real” life. She has studied Business Administration and Adult Education.


Eilike Maarand is a branch sales manager in Swedbank. She has been working in Swedbank since 2000.
Whilst working full-time, she graduated from University of Tartu Pärnu College in Business Administration. Currently she is completing her masters’ studies in Personnel and Development at Tallinn University of Technology. She has two sons.

Maarand is also a guest teacher. She has been teaching voluntarily for almost 10 years. Her main specialist areas are money, budgeting and business plans. She gives lessons to students from primary school to university. Maarand has said that the most honest audience are first class students. They only believe the guest teacher when the teacher is attractive, well-spoken and a good listener.

She would encourage everyone to become a guest teacher, because this know-how gives you so much and you will discover something new every time.


Engaging guest teachers to learning

Back to School initiative in Estonia is connecting teachers in hundreds of schools with experts in all fields to deliver lessons as guest teachers.

Torm will look at the reasons why guest teachers need to be engaged in education and a story about bringing practical knowledge to classrooms will be shared by an experienced guest teacher, Eilike Maarand.


Last updated: 8 August 2017