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Education to employment: getting Europe’s youth into work. Carlos Bertrán Sundheim

Carlos Bertrán Sundheim has more than 15 years’ experience as manager in Education. He has held different positions from marketing director to general manager in universities in Spain, Mexico and Germany, always achieving growth, improvement in quality standards and more important, successful placement opportunities for graduates.

The focus of everything he does has always involved how to increase the knowledge of clients, brand positioning, processes and innovation pipelines.

Bertrán is currently COO for Generation Spain, an independent non-profit organisation supported by McKinsey & Company. Generation Inc. has become the largest cross-border youth employment programme.
In his spare time, he enjoys traveling or playing sports with his wife and their four children.


Education to employment: getting Europe’s youth into work

Youth unemployment is a global problem, with more than 73 million unemployed and three times that number underemployed. Yet 40% of employers say they cannot find the talent they need even for entry-level roles.

Thousands of workforce programmes globally – private, public and non-profit– seek to bridge this gap, spending hundreds of billions of dollars each year. They fall short because they tend to be small, expensive and in a single country, and when they measure outcomes, most have job placement rates below 50%.

We need to change the paradigm for both skills-seeking young people and hiring employers. Achieving this requires two things: skills intervention that can be scaled, and proof of its effectiveness – both of which are possible.

Last updated: 28 August 2017