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Conceptual model for designing learning and teaching for the future. Prof. Margus Pedaste

Dr Margus Pedaste is a Professor of Educational Technology at the Institute of Education of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tartu where he is leading the Centre for Educational Technology. He is also Vice Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the head of Pedagogicum, a consortium of all faculties for coordinating teacher education at the University of Tartu. Margus Pedaste’s teaching and research focus is on improving learners’ digital literacy, inquiry-skills and problem solving, as well as on educational technology in supporting teaching and learning. He has lead or participated as a principal investigator in several international research and development projects to support student learning and teachers’ professional development or teacher education reform in Estonia.

Conceptual model for designing learning and teaching for the future

Changes in society, the labour market and the rapid development of technology also set new goals for learning and teaching. New goals and an increasingly multi-cultural setting represent challenges for the life-long learning process. These challenges do not simply consist of skills and knowledge; rather these entail a primarily positive attitude towards life-long learning and an openness for coping with challenges in the future. Learners need a dynamic base of knowledge and skills, self-regulation, collaboration, learning skills and subjective well-being. To achieve these aims, school culture needs to be updated and supported by educational policy, teachers' professional development, an open learning environment and enhanced learning materials. The new goals demand an open mind-set, higher autonomy and self-regulation from both learners and teachers as well as cooperation among and inclusion of all learners, including those with special educational needs or different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, we have made a literature review to develop a conceptual model for designing learning and teaching for the future. This model links the goals, aims, characteristics of school culture and reasons for change, and it is available for analysing and developing a school for the future.

Last updated: 8 August 2017