Teacher policy

The teacher is the creator of links and designer of values and attitudes. The role of the teacher is to support the development of every student.

In academic year 2013/2014, there are 24 224 teachers in Estonia - 2 129 working in vocational education, 7 869 in pre-school institutions and 14 226 in general education.

The profession of the teacher and it´s value, teachers´ professional development and worthy pay are the priorities of Estonian teacher policy during 2014-2020.

The links to Estonian teacher policy legislation and statistics and analyses are available in the Estonian language section of this page.

Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

The recognition of foreign professional qualifications is regulated by the Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act. (Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act (translation)) 

The recognition of foreign professional qualifications is necessary when a person has acquired education abroad and wishes to work as a teacher in Estonia.

In order to apply for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications, the applicant shall:

1)      submit an application in a written or in an electronic format to the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research (aivi.jurgenson@hm.ee);

2)      pay the state fee of 31.95 €;

Domestic payment to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance; AS SEB Pank (IBAN EE891010220034796011) or AS Swedbank (IBAN EE932200221023778606), quoting reference no. 2900073546. If the payment is made by a third person please add the applicant's name in details of payment.

International payment to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance, Suur-Ameerika 1, Tallinn 15006, Estonia; AS SEB Pank, Tornimäe 2, Tallinn 15010 Estonia; IBAN EE891010220034796011, BIC/SWIFT kood – EEUHEE2X; quoting reference no. 2900073546, and

3)      submit the following documents:

  • copy of the page in the identity document with the personal data;
  • document(s) confirming the foreign professional qualification (diploma, non-higher education diploma, certificate, attestation of competence) or a certified copy;
  •  if necessary, additional documents (a certificate of work experience, marriage certificate in case of a change of the name, translations of documents in a foreign language, etc.).

The competent authority has the right, if necessary, to request translations of any foreign-language documents.

The decision whether the foreign qualifications of the applicant conform to the requirements of the profession in Estonia shall be made within two months from the submission of the application and all required documents. If additional investigation is required, the competent authority has the right to extend the time limit for making a decision to up to three months, immediately informing the applicant of the extension of the time limit and the reasons thereof.

Last updated: 11 October 2017