The Eurydice network provides information on education systems and policies in 37 countries and produces studies on issues common to European education systems.

It consists of 41 national units based in 37 countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme  and the EACEA European Unit of Eurydice in Brussels ( 

The mission of the Eurydice Network is:

To provide those responsible for education systems and policies in Europe with European-level analyses and information which will assist them in their decision making.

The Eurydice network primarily focuses on the way education in Europe is structured and organized at all levels. It provides a vast source of information, including

  • Detailed descriptions and overviews of national education systems;
  • Comparative thematic reports devoted to specific topics of Community interest;
  • Factual reports related to education, such as national education structures, school calendars, comparison of salaries and of required taught time per countries and education levels.

Since 1980, the Eurydice network has been one of the strategic mechanisms established by the European Commission and Member States to support European cooperation in the field of education. Since 2014, Eurydice has been included in Erasmus+, the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport. It is an action of Key Action 3 (Support for policy reform) of the programme.


  • Eurydice programme coordinator in Estonia
    Kersti Kaldma,, phone +37 2735 4019


Last updated: 4 May 2016