National research awards

National research awards for excellent research results are awarded annually to Estonian researchers and research teams  in three categories.

The National Research Awards Selection Board issues a call for nominations by the 21 November of the year preceding the award year. Candidates can be nominated by research councils of R&D institutions of universities and those registered by the Ministry of Education and Research as R&D institutions as well as by academicians of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

The winners are announced by the Government of the Republic on a proposal from the Minister of Education and Research on a proposal from the Selection Board. The awards are presented and the laureates are acknowledged on the Independence Day of the Republic of Estonia, February 24th

  • Two awards for outstanding lifetime achievements in research and development;
  • Eight awards to highlight the best research work completed and published during the previous four years in specific fields of research:
    • exact sciences
    • chemistry and molecular biology
    • technical sciences
    • medical science
    • geology and biology
    • agricultural science
    • social science
    • the humanities;
  • award for an outstanding scientific discovery – a scientific discovery that changed the paradigm of or world view in the relevant area of research or created a new field of research or led to the creation of an innovative product which has a significant socio-economic impact.


Last updated: 15 January 2015