National standard-determining tests

National standard-determining tests in the emergency situation

National standard-determining tests will not be carried out in the spring of the 2019/2020 academic year.

Forms and times of state examinations, uniform basic school final examinations and standard-determining tests subjects in the 2019/2020 academic year.


Frequently Asked Questions about national standard-determining tests

  • What is national standard-determining test?

    National standard-determining test consists of questions and tasks prepared by the Innove Foundation. The test assesses the acquisition of general competencies, field competencies, crosscutting topics and learning outcomes in the national curriculum. The aim of the test is to give honest, objective and comparable feedback on the student's competencies to the student, parents, teacher, school and the state.

  • Why are standard-determining tests updated?

    According to the goal of the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020, when assessing the performance of a learner and an educational institution as a learning organisation, the emphasis shifts to formative assessment that supports learning and the individual development of each learner. External assessment of learning outcomes also helps to achieve this goal, as standard-determining test is developed into assessment tools that support learning.
    Level work is no longer a small exam or a summary work at the end of the school year, but a tool for the teacher to guide and organise teaching. No grades are awarded to students for national standard-determining tests, nor are the results of level assignments taken into account in the quarterly or annual summary assessment. Rankings are not compiled for students, schools or counties. Much more important than the grade, number or letter is the substantive feedback explaining the result of the test.

  • When will the new learning-enhancing tests reach schools?

    • In the 2018/2019 academic year the science education standard-determining test for 1st and 2nd school level became available. This test gives feedback on competences for science research and decision-making skills.
    • In the 2020/2021 academic year test of knowledge (conceptual and procedural knowledge) and problem-solving skills will be implemented in the 1st and 2nd school level.
    • In the 2021/2022 academic year tests will be applied in Estonian language in the 1st and 2nd school level; Russian as a mother tongue and Estonian as a second language, and English and German in the 2nd school level.
    • In the 2022/2023 academic year tests will be implemented in the social field in the 1st and 2nd school level; Russian and French language in the 2nd school level.
  • What kind of feedback does the student receive?

    Each student who has taken the standard-determining test will see a feedback page about his / her results in the examination information system.
    The feedback page for science test provides an overview of the levels achieved by the student (elementary, intermediate, advanced and top level) in four skills: knowledge, analysis skills, planning skills and interpretation skills. In addition, suggestions are given to the student to reach the next level. If necessary, the teacher will help to interpret the feedback page based on the instructions.
    Each student receives verbal feedback on solving the test in mathematics. Results are not presented as points or scores. The student is given feedback by the assessed topics (calculation, geometric shapes, measurement and text assignments) and starts with the words: you can, you know, you should learn more, depending on the student's result.

  • What does the country do with the results of the tests?

    The results of the tests are analysed in a generalised way, at the national level.
    Based on the analyses, we get an evidence-based basis for changing national curricula, improving teacher training and in-service training. If the school conducts the test in the same subject in both 4th and 7th grade, we can also give the school feedback on how the progress of students' learning outcomes in this subject has progressed.

Last updated: 15 May 2020