External evaluation

The Ministry’s External Evaluation Department is responsible for the development and implementation of a quality system in general, vocational and higher education as well as for monitoring and analysis of the results in the area of government of the Ministry.

Higher Education Department is responsible for the monitoring of the higher education system and Department of Research and Development for the monitoring of research and development institutions in Estonia.

The organisation and management of governmental supervision and the issuing of education licenses (in the case of vocational education institutions awarding the right to provide instruction) is regulated by the Pre-school Child Care Institutions Act, Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act, Vocational Educational Institutions Act, Private Schools Act, Hobby Schools Act, Universities Act and the Institutions of Professional Higher Education Act. The Adult Education Act regulates the awarding of educational licenses for adult education institutions.

Pursuant to the Government of the Republic Act, supervisory control is organised to ensure the legality and expediency of the activities of state educational institutions. Pursuant to the Local Government Organisation Act, supervisory control is organised to ensure the legality and expediency of the activities at educational institutions. Read more about the arrangement of supervision control from The Inspectorete of Education 2016 Estonia.
Further information: Deputy Head of the External Evaluation Department Hille Voolaid, hille.voolaid@hm.ee, phone +372 7350 109.


The External Evaluation Department:

  • develops the external performance review system for education and youth work;
  • plans and coordinates activities supporting quality assurances;
  • ensures the implementation of and counselling on the internal performance review of educational institutions;
  • advises education and youth work specialists on their sphere of activity;
  • advises supervisory officials for educational institutions and coordinates their co-operation;
  • coordinates the cooperation with international organisations on external performance review;
  • organises the activities of the Inspectors of the European School representing Estonia.

The department also:

  • manages the issuing of education licenses;
  • organises the registration of vocational education and hobby schools´ curricula;
  • coordinates the external evaluation of learning outcomes in the general educational system;
  • organises governmental supervision of the teaching and educational activities of educational and youth work institutions;
  • assists the Minister with the organisation of supervisory control;
  • coordinates international studies on the quality of education;
  • organises the counselling of educational institutions on internal performance review;
  • organises the generalisation and publication of the results of external performance reviews;
  • develops and coordinates the European Social Fund programmes that support the goals of the activities of the department.


Last updated: 28 July 2016