Language study materials

Estonian language online courses

Keeleklikk – beginner-level Estonian online course which was initially designed for individual learning for adults but which can also be used by teachers to teach children. The course can be used by people learning based on English and Russian and it has teacher support. This is the most thorough course ever made for the practical learning of Estonian. It includes 16 different topics and more than 1000 different exercises.

Keeletee – follow-up to the popular Keeleklikk course, which can be used by people learning based on English and Russian and which also has teacher support. The B1-level course includes different skills (writing, reading and understanding text) and is suitable for both independent learners and use on courses.

Global School – offers Estonian children living outside of Estonia the chance to study Estonian language, literature and other subjects according to the Estonian national curriculum via online courses. The students can participate in Skype classes.

Opiq – digital basic-school study materials in Estonian.

E-Koolikott – environment for finding, publishing and compiling study materials; includes materials for pre-school, general and vocational education.

Harjutustekogu – set of more than 130 exercises designed for reviewing and acquiring school stage 2 Estonian language topics; can also be used for learning new material. Since the exercises can be checked independently, they are also suitable for independent studying. The exercises are divided into topic groups and range from easy to difficult.

Integration Foundation virtual library – a gateway to materials published by and/or with the support of the Integration Foundation. Here you can also find information on study materials that can be used for teaching Estonian abroad.

Estonian language pilot course – a 10-hour tool for children aged 6-10 living outside of Estonia, which is based on the national curriculum for school stage 1. The classes follow the learning methods of Estonian as a mother tongue. The course is designed to help children preserve and develop their language skills.

Koolielu – includes exercises for learners at different levels. Materials can be searched for based on curriculum.

Miksike – offers study materials for general education schools. The Minu Miksike package includes structured materials reviewed by experts. The package includes e-sheets, interactive exercises and online tests. In addition to study materials, Miksike offers different online cooperative learning services and study support.

Lastekas – the website includes entertainment and Estonian-language content for toddlers and older children: games, quizzes and competitions. Additionally, there is the virtual magazine Knups for children aged 9-15, which offers stories about music, the world and nature. See more

Speakly – Internet-based foreign language learning, incl. Estonian.

All locations providing Estonian classes abroad can order high-quality Estonian study materials for teaching purposes. The NGO Estonian Institute prepares orders once a year and you can learn more about the materials in the digital ordering environment.

Study materials and language resources

Institute of the Estonian Language language advice – free language advice answering questions about general Estonian language use.

E-Keelenõu – enables simultaneous searches in different dictionaries and other digital language sources.

Dictionary of Standard Estonian

New words in the Dictionary of Standard Estonian – to keep the dictionary up to date, the authors keep a list of additions and make it public online. The list is a working version based on which the subsequent dictionary is prepared.

Tilde machine translation – machine translation platform made for Estonia’s EU Council presidency period. Enables machine translations from Estonian into different target languages.

University of Tartu machine translation – enables Estonian-English-Estonian machine translations.


Last updated: 2 May 2019