Pre-school education

Attending kindergarten is not compulsory in Estonia. The local government is responsible for the availability of pre-primary education. They have the obligation to ensure that all children between the ages of 1.5 and 7 in their service area, whose parents so wish, have the opportunity to attend kindergarten. With the consent of the parent, the kindergarten place of a 1.5-3-year-old child may be replaced by a childcare service.

To apply for a kindergarten place please contact the local government. They will explain the admission conditions to you and provide an overview of the required documents based on the procedure established by the parish or city government.

Applying for a kindergarten place begins with submitting a written application to the kindergarten or local government of your choice. If there is a vacancy in the desired kindergarten, the child will be accepted.

If there is no vacancy in the desired kindergarten, the local government will forward a notice of the child to the Ministry of Education and Research.

Last updated: 10 March 2022